Anna P Trio

Anna Palmerola aka *Anna P*, is an artist who loves to sing, perform, and create music.  She’s a Miami girl with a big dream ever since I was a little girl.  Cuban and proud of her heritage. She bring sweetness and she brings s-ass.   It’s her passion and always will be. To her,  there’s nothing like dancing and listening to a great song! Don’t you agree?!

Influenced by so many styles of music living in Miami and studying many genres:R&B, jazz, bossa nova, rock, latin, and more. That has all made me who I am as an artist. I think there’s so much great music out there to incorporate, whether it’s a rhythm, scale, melody, or feel.

Artists she likes include: Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Ella Fitzgerald, Selena, Frank Sinatra, Celia Cruz, Corinne Bailey Rae, Marc Anthony, Astrud Gilberto, Christina Aguilera, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion.