08/06 Alex Brooks Video Release Party @ Sessions Rooftop

Sessions Rooftop presents ALEX BROOKS Video Release Party on August 6th 2015 @ E11even Miami. Join us for an unforgettable night.

In Alex Brooks’ own words: Singer ,Songwriter ,#GunningForTheGrammy FOLLOW “Alex Brooks” https://soundcloud.com/alexbrooks-8/e…




Ill start by saying that This is my very first Official Single Release,it was born in New York during another writing session I was involved in as usual , but this session was different .The producer I was working with for some reason jus happened to pull me aside to then ask me (aside from being a writer, what do you want to do with your career? or ,what do you want your sound to be like as an artist?) I paused for a moment in thought , then simply said idk lolol!!! then I replied ( I guess I would want my sound to be a mixture of different sounds I love combined into one creating a unique sound ), within 20 minutes of coming up with ideas we ended up with this super cool concept ,it was crazy ,it was one of those moments when your in the STUDIO LIKE whoooooooooah i think we got something special here lol ,ill never forget,but anyway before I go on and on , I think ExtraMile has truly captured exactly what I felt and invisioned my sound to be , and I know it sounds cheesy, but to me THAT DAY WAS MAGICAL. And now that its officially released i couldn’t be more happy to finally share a piece of me with you, and im also super excited for everyone to TRULY get to know me as an Artist and enjoy my sound. *** Spread The Love My Poeples*** I DO THIS ALL FOR YOU , ENJOY ”EXTRAMILE” #extramile