06/27 Kika Pulido & The Mission @ Blue Martini Brickell

Always aspired to being a singer/songwriter since her childhood days self taught to play the guitar and began writing songs that portrayed her coming to puberty in a culturally rich but harsh capital like Bogota which make part of a compilation called “En Tercera Dimension” (In third dimension) that was never released.

She began her formal musical studies at the Xavierian University where with fellow students she formed folkloric rock fusion band called “Mundo Bizarro”
At the time she participated in the chorus of the Opera of Bogotá she also began her jazz studies and performed with the ensembles through out the city, then moved to the Washington DC, to continue her musical studies there.

In 2002 she made the compilation “De pie” produced with the cooperation of fellow local artists. She began a series of concerts.
In 2004 she recorded her first official Album “Mariposas y Concubinas” with the re known producer Alfredo Nodarce (Andres Cepeda)
In May 2005 she recorded the single “Mañana No Te Quiero” in Colombia in Audiovision Studios.

In 2006 she worked in Alejandro Sanz’s “El Tren de Los Momentos”, and was a sub finalist in the Grammy Showcase, later tat year she got signed by a brand new small production company to record her album “Sera lo que Sera” the company shut down. She kept doing studio recording and performing jobs through out the year, with artist like Miguel Bose and Paulina Rubio.
In the summer of 2008 she began a series of Concerts along Lulo Perez (Alejandro Sanz’s, Ketama) for his visionary audiovisual project “Donde Se Cruzan Las Artes” (Where Arts Collide). In 2009 she began recording with producer Simon Gomez (Detraz de Mis Ojos), the album “La Mision de Las Luciernagas” (The mission of the Fireflies).
She’s kept on working as a established studio singer for music productions, and tv and radio commercials, as well as various pop producers, and songwriters, vocal couching, as well as collaborating with other writers.